iOS 11 iPad Test

Just an experiment.

  • An iPhone image shot on my way to the dentist.
  • Auto uploaded to Dropbox and, after I got home, used iOS 11’s new file system to retrieve the image from DB for this post.
  • Bit the bullet and used WordPress’s app to create this post – about time after ~2500 previous laptop posts (old dogs & new tricks)
  • No image post-processing – it’s a workflow experiment.
  • Next – can I figure out how to schedule this for tomorrow, 9/21? Yes – not a problem.

This is my attempt to simplify my photo blog post process – image capture & blog workflow 100% mobile.

  • iPhone or iPad camera capture
  • Cloud upload (auto) – iCloud, Dropbox & OneDrive
  • Post-process, if any, via Snapseed
  • WP via iPad
  • Let’s see what magic the Apple Pencil allows in future experiments
  • After the fact, transfer files to iMatch, my DAM data base system.

I’m off for a week in the Finger Lakes soon & hope to make little or no use of my laptop. Wish me luck.

This post is mostly a roadmap for me. Ever onward & upward.👆🏻