Several participants chose shoot-throughs for this month’s assignment. That was unfortunate because of its relative difficulty and my lack of an adequate explanation – I failed to stress the “artistic” part and the need for a shallow DOF in the extreme. A shoot-through does not succeed once you simply place something between your lens and the subject. In fact, unless the foreground becomes mist-like, you’ve created a visual/mental roadblock for the viewer because our “vision system” rejects slightly out of focus objects between the eyes and the subject. It’s the way that our visual system (eye/brain) has evolved. Further, even if a shoot-through is executed well technically, in my opinion it isn’t appropriate for every type of subject. It almost demands soft natural subjects.

If you haven’t done so, please read all of my shoot-through comments made with various participant’s assignment posts. Also, note the “final focus assignment” that I included in my comments on Phyllis’s shoot-through yesterday. Mike W. has already completed the assignment (next post). I would like to see everyone post three images similar to his. I call it “learn to walk before you run”.

I have been posting a five year daily photo retrospective on my website (most popular for each month from 2004-2009). Yesterday’s post, for June 2006, just happened to be a shoot-through made at the weir for the pond at #17. Soft subject, mist-like surround, no visual distractions….

Date/Time 05-Jun-2006 06:27:26
Tripod Yes
Camera NIKON D70s
Flash Used No
Focal Length 105 mm
Exposure Time 1/500 sec
Aperture f/3.2
ISO Equivalent 200
Exposure Bias -1/3 EV
White Balance Cloudy
Metering Mode matrix
Image Quality RAW
Exposure Program aperture priority
Focus Distance 14″