Photography Imitating the Media

Red vs. Blue – have you ever seen a state that is 100% red or blue? They are when the media is done.


While most politicians see things in just Black & White

The U.S. media reports in terms of Red & Blue

Which may make for good sound bites

but doesn’t do justice to the details

Black Smith

Museum of American Frontier Culture – Staunton, Virginia

Technical– Nikon D300, Tokina 16-50 2.8  @34mm, f/2.8, EV=-1.0,  ISO3200, WB=cloudy, center weighted metering, aperture priority, RAW capture, tripod, natural light

Not much light; this is where high ISO and a fast lens is needed. Newer pro model cameras with ISO’s over 100,000 are made for this.


  • Very small space didn’t allow much room to explore different positions/angles.
  • Kept the window aligned vertically.
  • It is what it was. Just a straight forward composition.


1 – Convert RAW to jpeg in Capture NX2

2 – Convert the jpeg image in Silver Efex Pro 2 (tutorial here)


Here is how the “media version” was made. Step #1 – convert to pure B&W (no shades of gray) in SEP2 as shown in this screen capture. This is the politician’s view of things. This was discussed in yesterday’s post – Photography Imitates Politics.

The translation to media’s view of politics is done in Photoshop. Use the magic wand to select the white and brush this selection with red. Next, invert the selection and paint that with blue. It takes no more thought than that – no more thought than goes into a lot of political reporting.


I normally keep my political opinions to myself. Maybe it’s a carry over from my US Navy days where three topics were absolutely taboo on board ship – politics, religion & sex. Events over the past decade have gotten to me. Biting my tongue hurts.

It isn’t my intention to express support nor criticism for any particular party. Far from it. IMO neither has the interests of the country at heart – getting reelected and protecting the special interests that support their reelection is priority #1. As for we, the people, well we can just take care of ourselves because the politico’s are too busy with their infighting. Like I said yesterday – a pox on both of their houses. ________________________________________________________