Great Smoky Mountain Diary: Day 5 of 7

Leading a workshop for nine friends & neighbors

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

April 11th – 18th

9th – 19th for me, scouting & clean-up

To keep my 2012 blog-post-a-day going,

I’ll post a daily diary


Bud Ogles Place

Near the Roaring Forks loop entrance


Today, 4/16/12, Our 5th day “out-in-the-field”

Departed at 0730 for one-hour drive to Roaring Forks Motor Nature Trail loop road

Forecast was t-storms & rain. Good because Roaring Forks doesn’t lend itself to sunny day photography – but we had blue skies all day. Thanks for nothing, weather service.

Stopped at a cabin near the entrance to the loop road for a while. Helped folks make a shot like the one above.

Spent 3+ hours on the loop – less than good because of the sun.

Left the loop for a covered bridge about 20 minutes away.

Spent 90 minutes at the bridge

A couple got married along the river nearby

We took pictures for them (after the preacher left)

They weren’t allowed to have a photographer unless they used one hired by the preacher – “love thy neighbor??”

Our good deed for the day

Went to a nearby 8-mile loop where the local GSM arts & crafts community hangs out.

First stop was a nice lunch/dinner from 2:30-3:30

Followed by some shopping

Followed by a trip to a nearby “ice-cream parlor” for dessert.

At 5:00 or so we split into three groups

One to Clingman’s Dome for sunset

One to an old place with an antique pickup truck & outhouse we’d passed

Me – back to the cabin (arrive at 6) as the day was getting long



Cades Cove for hopefully better light with the rain being forecast (getting tired of sun day after day πŸ™‚ )

Lots left to see & do there so that will take most of the day

They head home Wednesday so this is the last trip

My cabin is booked until Thursday but if the weather turns sunny again after tomorrow I’ll head home early.



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