It’s your photo! What else counts?

Shoot for yourself.

If you like the result, that’s what’s important

Unless you’re entering a competition or exhibit

No one else’s opinion matters much!


Pinnacles Picnic Area

Shenandoah National Park

10-Shot Multiple Exposure; slight vertical pan

plus Tonal & Color Contrast adjustments


I received an email today that reminded me of the simple fact that Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.

“A comment/thought re in-depth use of multiple shots/HDR/Photoshop/etc/etc programs.  I tend to think that no matter how much manipulation one does, it is virtually impossible to arrive at the image the naked eye actually saw when observing and then shooting landscape scenes….and what one really comes up with after in-camera, in-computer, etc manipulations is an image which is very pleasing to the photographer and what perfection in his/her mind would render, but probably never exactly what he/she actually saw when they took the shot or shots.
….in the final analysis, if the person behind the camera is pleased with the eventual, arrived at image and it portrays what they want/envisioned, whether right out of the camera or after some number of manipulations in the computer, that’s all that counts.”

The above image, by no means, is what I saw before making this image. However, my vision of the scene was one that I would have painted (if I could paint). That said, my capture was a multiple exposure to start the ball rolling. Finally, I enhanced the vision by increasing the tonal & color contrast of the captured image.

What I saw? Heck, no.

Am I pleased with the result? Yes.

Here’s a second version of the scene that’s a straight capture. Would I put it on the wall? No, but I’d consider the arty one.

Thanks for the reminder, Gene.


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5 thoughts on “It’s your photo! What else counts?

  1. Thanks for this post Ed. I have been struggling with that lately, taking photos as if to please everyone else but in the end, it’s really what I like and how I interpret the scene. Have a great day.

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