It’s the Photographer, not the Camera

Photographers make images

Not cameras

(Jeez – sounding like the NRA except

my claim is more accurate 😦 )


Ripples on the Pond

Nikon D70 (6 MP), 18mm kit lens at f/22 (1/8 sec)

Tripod, Circular Polarizer, RAW

Capture NX2 RAW conversion

Tonal & color contrast  in Color Efex Pro 4

f/22 – trying for everything in focus; hyperfocal distance


I live in a senior community.

Each week I post an image to the community website

The above is the current post (14 & 15 are golf course holes)

I got an email complimenting me on this photo

With a reference to my new 36 MP D800E

Only one problem –

the image was made 5 years ago with my first DSLR,

all 6 MP of it

I appreciated the compliment

There was no way for the person to know which camera was used

The image was 540 pixels on the long side

Viewed on a Lo-Res monitor

on a non-color managed website

Image quality from any camera would have the same

Had the image been printed LARGE, then you could tell, but not here


What I do hope a viewer could tell is that apart from megapixels & resolution

This is a decent image and

It was due primarily to the photographer

and not the camera 😉

In order of importance –

Most – Photographer

Next – Lens

Least – Camera body

(invest in good lenses;

bodies become obsolete but not lenses)

Apart from the composition, my major contribution was

Throwing a pebble in the right spot to make those

Pretty Ripples on the Pond

IMO, the ripples made the image


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