Infrared Noir – an Acquired Taste?

Is Infrared an Acquired Taste?

That’s my wife’s opinion

and – She’s yet to acquire the taste 😦


IR Pond Reflections

I mean, “How can you not like this?”

What’s not to like?


I’m still entranced with my IR converted D300.

Bear with me, you may have to put up with these images for a while.

Another coming tomorrow for sure.

Tripod, circular polarizer, RAW

ISO 400 to intentionally add a little noise

RAW conversion – Capture NX2 (with no adjustments)

Tonal adjustments – Silver Efex Pro 2

Border – Color Efex Pro 4


If you’re among the IR-taste challenged, here are a few more to help you get over the problem. 😉

Click on any image for a full screen slide show


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4 thoughts on “Infrared Noir – an Acquired Taste?

  1. Hi I really like the one with the Lamppost and the last one with the dark curvy path -both work really well in IR. The sun is shinning so said I was going to do some IR pictures, off I go. Andy

    • Thanks, Andy.

      Interesting favorites – the first & the last. Reminds me of advice given for the ordering of images in a portfolio – start & finish strong as they’re the ones viewers remember most.

      I see from your email that you’re in the UK. Enjoy the sun while you can (although I like cloudy, rainy day IR, too).

      Finally – pay no heed to Mitt. In fact, why don’t you keep him as his opinions don’t reflect mine nor most Americans – and gives us a bad name with that sort of “rot”. Mind his own business indeed. 😉

  2. Ed,
    Excuse the stupid question. But, am I to understand you CAN (and do) use a polarizer with an IR camera? Can you also use the polarizer when using a “standard” digital camera with an IR filter attached? Suspect this could be a tough nut to crack, unless you set up the polarizing filter first.
    Great blog, T

    • Travis,

      Yes, I use a polarizer with my IR converted camera. Looking through the viewfinder shows me the same effect as with a regular camera (looking through the Live View shows me B&W – cool). Surprisingly, the changed polarized view (viewfinder version) doesn’t translate directly or obviously as it does in color. Still trying to figure that out.

      Doing the same with a screw in IR filter would be tough to say the least. The problem being that the screw in filter is opaque and you can’t see the filter’s effect because all you can see is black.

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