Image Critiques

I’m a big proponent of image critiques

Especially self critiques


Eastern Tiger Swallowtails & Thistle


Two recent posts by the photographer Ming Thein

Were on the subject of image critiques.

  1. Critiques of the top 10 images in his July photo contest
  2. Self-critiques of his popular images

I encourage you to read them for some insight into image critiquing.

His critiques focus largely on

Craftsmanship (focus, exposure, lighting, color, etc.) and


While these two “C’s” are very important I urge you to consider also

Creativity and

Communication (“does it sing to me?”; emotion)

as well.

We can make well crafted & composed images which are

Well, boring, hum-drum – just like a ton of others we’ve seen

A good image depends on more than just Craftsmanship & Composition

IF – you want to stand out from the crowd


Self assessment of my butterfly/thistle image

Craftsmanship – Wing tip at right edge needs more space (& could be sharper – but at the expense of bringing in possible background distractions. The question is – are the parts that need to be sharp, sharp? I think they are.)

Composition – Fills the space with center of interest off-centered; OK in my book

Creativity – Nothing special

Communication – Pretty scene but nothing special

Overall – not bad, but won’t be on my wall

Feel free to weigh-in using the post’s reply section.


If you can’t tell what’s wrong when looking at a displayed image

How can you tell when looking through your viewfinder??

Do a self-critique when making the image; get everything right at capture.

This is one of the greatest benefits of a tripod – it forces you to SLOW DOWN

If something is wrong, after capture it’s too late to make it right!


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