Shooting in the dark

I was at a location where the light varied from

Mostly dim to almost completely dark

Beyond just being able to see what was there

Watch out for that low pipe I just left part of my scalp on!! Not joking. Ouch!!!

Seeing in order to compose and frame

To say nothing of focusing and exposure

Was an interesting challenge


A Message from Long Ago

circa 1957 – untouched since then

Abandoned (1957) Silk Mill, Lonaconing, MD


Lit by flashlight

Not visible in the ambient light


This note, posted on a bulletin board, was addressed to “Soakers”

The bottom level of the mill had a number of tubs

They were apparently used in a soaking process related to the mill’s production of silk thread

They can be seen here (barrel as well as the dark rectangular tubs at upper left)

Bulletin board was next to this barrel & trash can arrangement


Making the image –

Without a flashlight – not possible

(I learned this lesson from my first visit in May; I could not even enter this area then – no flashlight & it was nearly pitch black)

Frame/compose by light of flashlight

Focus by light of flashlight

Aperture priority exposure

Did some lit by flashlight

Some lit by on camera flash

This is an example where RAW will save your butt

Don’t even think HDR

HDR (HIGH dynamic range) doesn’t apply – in the least

The tonal range in this scene is NOT WIDE

It’s nearly zero

Here are the three stages – capture, RAW conversion, Color Efex Pro 4

Click to enlarge


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