Abstract Painting

An Unknown Early 20th Century Painter

Is (partially) responsible for these abstracts

He (most likely male at that time) was just doing his job

Painting the interior of this since abandoned (1957) mill

A light-colored paint over galvanized steel

Now it’s chipped, peeling, stained & looking very abstract

Many decades after the fact


Abstract Paint

Artist – Father Time


Another capture from the same area, different color cast


Made at an abandoned silk mill in Lanaconing, MD, 9/8/12.

Non-abstract mill images like this next one start tomorrow.

The abstracts were made from close-ups of columns like the two in the center of this image

Post-Processing in Color Efex Pro 4

Three filters – Color Contrast, Tonal Contrast, Detail Extractor

Settings on the extreme end

Extreme. You think, Ed? Just a little. πŸ˜‰

Why does it look dark? Because that’s the way it was.

Abandoned = no electricity = no lights = dark = fun



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