Studying Composition with the Old Masters

If you enjoy outdoor photography

There are lots of paintings by old masters

For you to study

How did they portray scenes

Similar to the ones that you capture?

Look at their work and learn

Click for full screen

Path in the Woods

Along Bull Run – Manassas National Battlefield Park

As Captured | 10X Multiple exposure

I did the multiple to show how it might look if painted

Tell a story with the path. What’s around the bend?


50-135 2.8 lens @ 65mm (102mm full frame); 1/13 sec; f/8

Tripod, Circular Polarizer

Almost zero p-p due to saturation from CP & wet leaves


Walked about a mile (1/2 up stream & 1/2 back)

Going upstream I used a 16-50 lens (24-75 35mm equiv)

Downstream, switched to a 50-135 (75-200 35mm equiv)

A good exercise in shooting the same subjects wide & telephoto

This image used the telephoto to eliminate distracting elements

Two more examples from the same walk –


And the masters – what might they do?

Sorry. I’m not a master, but there’s no way to exclude my images from WordPress’s gallery display option.

Two familiar names –

  1. Van Gogh – row 2, image 2
  2. Renoir – row 3, image 1
  3. Ivan Shishkin (4, 2) made dozens of forest paintings

Click any image for a full screen slide show


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