Animation – Photos and Otherwise

I’m a complete novice in things having to do with

Time lapse photography,

Video and animation

This begins a series describing my future journey from

Complete novice to ??


Today I’ll start with a few examples showing where I am

In the next post I’ll describe the vehicle that got me here

Over the next little while I plan to delve into –

Gif-animation (animated greeting cards, anyone)

Camera HD Video, and

Screen capture video

All things that I’ve put off learning about

Should keep me busy for a while….



12 images spaced 30 minutes apart

Nikon D300 time sequence

Set up on the tripod & came back several hours later

Below is how I originally showed this 3 years ago




The water-lily sequence was done two years before the Daffy

This one taught me the importance of planning ahead

As the flower opened (over a 25 minute period)

I failed to anticipate where it would move in the frame

As a result I had to reposition the camera

Thus, breaking the flow

Here is how it was shown 5 years ago



The next post –

Some Gif-animation basics (basics are all that I know 😉 )


This is the final post of 2012 (Happy New Year, by the way)

It may be a segue to possible blog topics for 2013

As I’ve mentioned, my mantra is “learn something new today”

2013 posts will be built around

What did I learn new today (mostly photography topics)

We’ll see. Stay tuned.

A final thought for 2012 –

I did do at least one post a day for all of 2012

Not sure I want to keep to that schedule in 2013. TBD.


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