Animated GIF Images

Animation – the rapid display of a sequence of images to create an illusion of movement

Today – creating animation with simple drawings


A simple animation example From Wikipedia

Animexample   Animexample3edit

The bouncing ball is based on –

The above six images

shown at 10 frames/second


To get from the six separate images to the animated ball takes –

1. A set of images (duh)

Hand drawn, photos, whatever….

2. A program to combine them into a single GIF file

There a many such programs – free and otherwise

The GIF format is alone in supporting animation

There is an unofficial PNG extension, APNG (A for animated)

It’s not well supported (actually rejected by the PNG group)

It’s all very simple once the images are available


Creating the drawing can be easy or hard

Depending on the desired end result

Drawings depend on your software and drawing skill

Here’s an example that I did; they don’t come any simpler –


The 8 frames were easy to make in PS Elements

I actually only drew #1 & #2

The others were created by rotating the 1st two in 90 degree steps and saving the results

I used a free program called PhotoScape for the animation

Animated GIFs is just one of its dozen or so features

It even includes a RAW converter

(I’ve not tried anything except the animated GIF)

In under a minute, this is what I got –



Tomorrow – a more detailed look at how PhotoScape creates an image like the above.


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