A Plug-in for Making Falling Snow

An earlier post was devoted entirely to

How to make falling snow in Photoshop

I’ve since come across a much better solution

It’s a PS (& similar programs) plug-in

 AND – it’s free!

[Update – Windows only. Sorry.]



With & Without Stars

Done with the snowflake plug-in

Our community’s 160 year old Southern Red Oak

The eastern sky well before sunrise

Underexposed to show what I was seeing

The meter’s exposure would look like daylight


Go here to download this plug-in – free & safe

It can be used for more than just snowflakes

Rain, clouds, stars, fog, confetti, rose petals, ….

It’s flexible and yet simple

As shown on this one page “manual”



With & Without Stars


Falling snow

Both made with the same “snowflakes” plug-in

Stars – as they came from the plug-in

Erased all except the area in the sky

Snow – Added a motion blur (in PS) to the above “stars”

Made an 8 image set

Dragged the “snow” down & left between images

Not done as well as possible; just an example

Doing this with the plug-in sure beats the previous method 😉


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4 thoughts on “A Plug-in for Making Falling Snow

    • MJ – That’s a surprise. The plug-in is for Photoshop. I didn’t know that PS plug-ins were platform dependent. I thought that if the platform (in your case Mac) supported PS it automatically ran any PS compatible plugin.

      Are any other Mac users seeing this same problem? I sold my Mac (wow! never heard of such a thing, huh?) so I can’t explore this issue.

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