Software Auto-updates: In favor or not?

Google automatically updates its software

The user is given no choice in the matter

Chrome is the most well-known case

It applies to all other Google products like Picasa, too

Which brings us to the newly packaged & released

Nik Collection by Google

D800E_130328_142814__DSC7110 nx dl cep sep

Ancient Facade

Nik Silver Efex Pro; sepia toned with selective color

Historic District – Charleston, SC


Many users (most?) of the new Nik Collection aren’t aware

That Google will be automatically updating this software

Without the user’s explicit permission or knowledge

You won’t find a setting that asks “Download automatically?”

It just happens

Google programs “call home” periodically to check for updates

In the case of the Nik Collection, if there’s an update

It will download automatically

BUT – not while the host program (PS, LR, etc.) is running

[UPDATE: read the Comments below for more info]

It may be one thing for freebies like Chrome or Picasa

But $149 programs that pro’s rely on for a living??

This is Google’s first foray into non-free software of this type

They’re applying a one-size-fits-all policy

Should they treat free and pay programs the same?

Do an internet search to see –

This is a concern and problem for many users

There are ways to get around the issue

but not for the faint of heart


Please take this poll

What’s your opinion? In favor or not?

I have an ear at Google (who may not have a voice), but let’s see


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2 thoughts on “Software Auto-updates: In favor or not?

  1. If a host application is running, will it install the update later?
    In that case i don’t mind an auto update because i always use Nik soft from a host application. So for now i vote Ok.
    Will you keep us informed? Tanks for your engagement.

    • Yes, if a host is running the update will not take place until later. As to when “later” I can’t say for certain. Don’t know if a “flag” is set in the “Google Update” software or whether ET calls home again later. I’d guess a flag. If you use Windows you can see what version of the collection you’re running and when it was installed by opening & looking at Programs & Features in the Control Panel.

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