A (Google) Nik Collection Auto-update “Update”

You may have forgotten (or not known) that

Google software is updated automatically

You have no choice nor control over it

(without fairly extreme steps)

This includes the popular Nik Collection


Below is an update on how this update process works

But first, an off-topic food photo item 😉



Today’s Brunch

I’m definitely not a food photographer

I’m on an Atkins style diet

Everyday is an adventure trying to make something that complies

Romaine lettuce, tomato & mozzarella 

Olive oil & Balsamic vinegar dressing


It’s almost carb free


Q. – Does that image have any connection to Nik Software, Ed?

A. – I grabbed my phone just before sitting down to my brunch

Took this next photo and

Processed it 100% in Nik’s Snapseed to get the one above


It’s a shame Snapseed for desktops no longer exists

For most web images, it’s all of the post-processing needed

Doing this on my Android phone makes my brain hurt


Back to our regularly scheduled program….

As a result of Adobe’s recent change from

Selling to Renting their products

Many users may be investigating Photoshop alternatives.

If that includes you, and

You use the new Nik Collection software

The following Q & A  may interest you.

It’s useful info in any regard as it explains the method for Google’s auto-update

(which in its own way – like Adobe’s recent change – upset lots of users)

User Question – I just downloaded the Beta version of Lightroom 5 and wanted to re-install the Nik collection to make it available in LR. But I only had the installation software for version 1.05.  How long will it take for Google to recognize the change from 1.07 to 1.05 and perform the upgrade?

Google Answer – The update should happen within a day. Of course it depends on the speed of your internet connection, etc. Basically, we check daily for new versions and then the update process will start and the software will wait for the next time that you close Photoshop and Lightroom.
[One thing many users forget is that
Programs, like PS, that use Nik plug-ins
Must be closed before the update can occur. Ed]
As you can see from the Google Answer above,
It’s hard to tell when within a 24 hour window
The an update might occur
And this assumes you know when an update is due|needed
What’s wrong with allowing user’s to check and
Update on their own schedule??
The auto-update process is a bit of a pain-in-the-butt


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