Lightroom 5 Released

Adobe has announced the release of Lightroom 5

It’s available for $149 ($79 to upgrade)

Might be of interest if you are

Trying to avoid the new Adobe cloud approach

As discussed in my two recent posts –

Here & Here

The promised series on contrast begins tomorrow


D800E_130609_075835__DSC8796 nx

Cone Flower

Just coming into bloom in front of the house

One of my favorite floral subjects

Wide open macro lens, tripod, tonal & color contrast adjusted


Following are some new features in LR5

(Now if LR6 would feature layers, Adobe…. 😉 )

All images and links are from Adobe. Thank you.


Advanced Healing Brush: Enhancements to the Spot Removal tool allow you to heal or clone using brush strokes. A new “Visualize Spots” tool highlights sensor dust spots for easy removal.

6-10-2013 7-32-11 AM

Radial Filter: Apply any of Lightroom’s local adjustment attributes to a circular mask. The area of the mask can be resized, feathered or even inverted to give you maximum control over the focus of your images.

6-10-2013 7-30-40 AM

Upright: Automatically level horizons, straighten buildings, and correct other askew lines with a single click.

6-10-2013 7-32-54 AM

Smart Preview: Lightroom allows you to edit offline images by storing a smaller version of the original image. Edits made to the smart preview will automatically apply to the original once reconnected to Lightroom.


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3 thoughts on “Lightroom 5 Released

  1. Love that cone flower shot and thanks for the update. I use Lightroom now and then. 😀

    • It’s hard to make a bad cone flower image (IMO). The subject carries the day.

      Composition will get more difficult (in the “wild”) in several days when, instead of several early bloomers, there are dozens – which tend to clutter & distract, making simplifying the image a challenge.

      • I am sure you are going to capture the best as always Ed. 😀 Enjoy my friend. *hugs*

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