Supermoon June 23rd, Mark Your Calendar

I’m usually not one to “shoot-the-moon”

Talk about something done millions of times

and – All looking the same

Unless put in some interesting context

However, being a public service oriented guy 😉

For those of you who enjoy this

Mark your calendars

Read on for how to

Put yourself in the perfect position for your shot


6-20-2013 6-52-20 AM

Image is from – EarthSky

Click on the image to visit the site

Learn all about supermoons

While there, try the (free) subscription if you like this sort of stuff


supermoon is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in the largest apparent size of the moon’s disk as seen from Earth.

6-20-2013 7-30-35 AM

[Source of above text & image – Wikipedia]


Here  (U.S. mid-Atlantic region) the forecast is promising –

20-30% cloud cover


As I mentioned earlier –

The moon is just the moon when it comes to a photo

Unless – you can place it in the context of

earth-bound objects to make things interesting

Shoot a supermoon (or any moon) alone in the sky

Without any context – and it looks like every other moon


Here is a tool to position yourself, the moon & your “context”

Knowing exactly where the moon will be

On any given day at any given time (sun, also)

Isn’t easy – unless you have something that tells you

How about something that shows you using a map of your surroundings?

How about overlaying the moon’s position on Google Maps?

How about being able to zoom in on an aerial image so that

You can see actual landmarks (the size of an auto) and

Where the moon (sun) will appear relative to them

If all of these things sound appealing, you need

The Photographer’s Ephemeris  (TPE)

Read all about it in an earlier post of mine

Downloads – iOS, Android & desktop (desktop is free)

Features – be sure to scroll the page


TPE display of the area right down the street from my house

Click to enlarge

6-20-2013 7-39-15 AM



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2 thoughts on “Supermoon June 23rd, Mark Your Calendar

  1. Weather here in north Wales for the 23rd is not predicted to be good. But if it is I’m planning to visit an abandoned lighthouse on the beach near me.

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