Listen to the Human Voice? – It’s Amazing

If you listened to color (today’s 1st post)

Here’s another “listen” that’s just pure fun

not to mention amazing

It’s from another TED talk (you do follow TED don’t you?)


(sounds you wouldn’t believe came from a human)

This YouTube version got

over 2,000,000 views in 4 days!

Just another weekend diversion in case you’re thinking

Odd topic for a photography blog (as my wife just said 😉 )


Tom Thum wowed at TEDxSydney this week by doing strange things with his mouth. With just a microphone and his charisma, Thum brings the sounds of Michael Jackson, fifties jazz and scratched vinyl to the TEDx stage. In this talk, he demonstrates his “innate ability for inhuman noisemaking.” [Taken from TED.]


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