Curves Effects – An Illustrated Wrap-up

Yesterday’s post showed typical curves adjustments

Applied to a B&W Grayscale Ramp test image

Today – some of the same effects applied to

A color image


D300_130715_083007__DSC7321_lr5acr cep

Make Mine Sunny-Side-Up

Playing with Levels & Curves (and  Cone Flowers & Daisies)


Here are the before/after for several typical curves effects

The image is from yesterday’s post

Courtesy of my friend, Travis Hall

Note the curves display; there are two versions shown –

Bottom left is much the same as used in previous posts

Bottom right shows a pair of histograms

The input image histogram is displayed on top, an inverted output image histogram is displayed on the bottom

For each point on the curve, an arrow is displayed under the input histogram at its input level,

and an arrow is displayed above the output histogram at its output level

The two arrows are connected by a line

This form of histogram, extremely useful, is from

Picture Window Pro

PWP is unknown to almost everyone?? How can that be???

Windows only & a different interface/workflow probably

At < $100 it’s well worth your time & money

I used it for years before even considering PS

Click any example to enlarge

For convenience, use the slide show format at the end of the post

7-14-2013 1-51-00 PM

7-14-2013 1-56-13 PM

7-14-2013 1-59-27 PM

7-14-2013 2-01-52 PM

7-14-2013 2-10-57 PM

7-14-2013 2-16-16 PM


Click any image to view slide show


Preview of coming attractions (in a few days) –

The important role of L&C

In preparing images for digital print

Your paper’s darkest tone isn’t black and

Its lightest isn’t white

AND – it varies from one paper type to another

What can/should be done about it? And how?


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