Improving Your Composition Skills

All of us can use some help with compositions

You can study the standard “rules” (guidelines)

But that only gets you so far (if anywhere at all)

You’ve got to get out with your camera

Practice, practice, practice – and do it again (and again)


D300_130713_084943__DSC7284_lr5acr cep

Just Wait Another Day or Two

My Dahlias

Selective Focus

Wide open macro lens

White poster-board behind the plant


As for subjects – I believe flowers are among the best for

Overall practice ranging from

Camera technique (craftsmanship) to

Composition to


Here’s a small selection –

Made the other morning outside my front door

Worked on

1. “Placing & Spacing” – composition

Tripod is essential

Not for “shake” but for fine camera positioning

2. Depth of Field (selective focus) – creativity

Shallow DOF centered at the point of my choosing

Manual focus (always! for macros)

3. Camera stability & sharp focus – Craftsmanship

Sharp exactly where I wanted it to be sharp, that is

Here’s that manual focus again

Tripod, remote release, mirror up for a stable camera

All more demanding “in-the-wild”

Flowers indoors are like shooting fish in a barrel 😉


In chronological order over a 90 minute period

Click any image for a slide show


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