How well do you see color? A test

Part of a series – Color Managed Workflow

Today – Color Vision

To get you psyched-up about color

Before diving into a series of color-geek posts on

Color Management

Let’s find out how well you see color (or not)

D300_130720_085331__DSC7383 nx wbdl 1

Last Legs

I often keep flowers to “ripen” for images like this

Hints of disapproval after a month from you know who


This current ongoing series related to color management

Assumes that we all see color and

We all see it pretty much the same

But, that’s not true

To see how your color vision stacks up

Here is an online Color IQ test by X-Rite

How well do you see color?

1 out of 255 women and
1 out of 12 men
Have some form of color vision deficiency

7-21-2013 9-34-30 AM


Report your results & let’s see

How well this blog’s viewers see color

[UPDATE] Here’s a tip that may help (or not)

Make the test color area as large as possible on your monitor

(If you’ve already taken the test, try it & see if your score changes)

7-21-2013 9-51-05 AM

Weakest in the orange to green area (red ellipse)

Since color acuity worsens with age, at 76 I’m 😉

[UPDATE 8:40 AM – My wife just got a perfect score!

I never would have guessed.

Was it her cornea transplant that did it? 😉 Ed.]


Tomorrow the real work begins with an
Illustrated Color Management Overview


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10 thoughts on “How well do you see color? A test

  1. Why am I still so competitive at my age? Got a score of 12. Thanks for posting this.

    • I know what you mean. Being competitive is what drove me away from photo competitions. Not wanting to lose “forced me” to shoot for the judge and not myself.

      Monthly competitions were limited to 4 entries. Each month I’d shoot one for myself & three for the judge. My “one” always got an “out” and there was good correlation for the others between how strictly they “obeyed the rules” and how high they placed. I knew how to turn off my competitiveness – quit competing. 😉

    • Jumping ahead a few posts to monitor calibration, let me ask you how long it’s been since your monitor was last calibrated. I suspect that a monitor’s calibration – even more so in light/dark tonality than color for this test even though it’s color acuity – will make a difference. Lightness is a color component that in the subtle gradations in this test is going to play a major role, I suspect.

  2. Your score: 7
    Gender: Female
    Age range: 50-59
    Best score for your gender and age range: 0
    Highest score for your gender and age range: 1520

    • All these colours certainly plays around with the aging eyes Ed and I have mono vision as well. Doesn’t help much. LOL! Thanks for the lovely post and the challenge. Good to know the eyes are not that bad. 😀

      • Glad you enjoyed the challenge.

        A female who divulges her age (well sort of). You notice I avoided doing that when mentioning my wife (she’s younger than me – by 3 months 😉 but that’s not telling her age is it?)

        • I sure did Ed. Thanks! 😀
          I don’t mind divulging my age. I am proud of being half a decade “young” and to me age is just in the mind. You are as old or young as you think you are. Unfortunately the body and organs just doesn’t agree sometimes. 😆
          You and your wife are still spring chickens Ed and you’re lucky. My hubby is 4 months younger than I am..hahaha

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