Color Illusions – Perception vs. Reality

Part of a series – Color Managed Workflow

Today – Is what you think you see really there?


A recent post tested your Color IQ

Showing how well you see color (or don’t)

Here’s a video that demonstrates that

When it comes to color

What you think you see isn’t always reality

Even if your Color IQ is perfect


Click on the image to view the video

Speaker shows how evolution tints your perception of  reality

Very interesting, not to mention educational

7-26-2013 7-17-01 AM

If you don’t want to view the video

(2 years of data show less than 25% follow links)

The next image is taken from the video

In spite of your eyes telling you

The two squares at left

are dark brown & bright orange

They are the same color

7-26-2013 8-20-01 AM

Right half shows the true colors of the squares on the left

See the above illusion and many more at

The TED speaker’s website


Can you see the possible implications as you attempt to

Color manage your image workflow?

It’s difficult enough when digital darkroom devices

All interpret the same color differently

Conflicts between reality and your own vision system

Add to the problem


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