Ahoy, Matey – Color Management’s Gone Adrift

Part of a series – Color Managed Workflow

Today – Getting “Back on Course”


If you’ve followed this Color Management Series

You may be wondering

Where is the series going?

Good Question!


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7-31-2013 2-11-55 PM

Sunrise at Sleeping Bear Dunes

#2 – LR 5 ACR, #3 & #4 Color Efex Pro

7-31-2013 2-42-35 PM

Grad Neutral Density Filter, Tripod, Remote Release


So, where are you going, Ed?

Making quality fine art prints is my ultimate destination

That said, I’m looking for an understanding of

“Best practices” that will get me there

These best practices require a good (or better)

Understanding of Color Management (CM)

Unfortunately, for blog viewers

Who may not care about nitty-gritty details

My use of the blog to detail my findings for myself

Is getting tiresome

Analogy – when one goes to a fine restaurant

Most don’t care about details of food preparation

They just want to enjoy the results 😉

It’s time for me to shift from recipes & food preparation

Time to put the food on the table


Here are my planned topics for future CM posts –

1. Profiles

2. It All Starts in Your Camera

3. Control Central – Your Monitor (and Computer)

4. Displaying Images on the Internet

5. Projecting images on a screen

6. Printing

The emphasis of each post will be

Best practices to ensure correct color

I’ll probably do subsequent posts for each of these

Exploring the nitty-gritty details

But for now – I’ll focus just on the results a user needs

To get things done properly

Expect these at the rate of about one per week

I’d hate for your eyes to glaze over permanently 😉


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