Color Efex Pro (CEP) – Tonal & Color Contrast, 1

1 – The CEP Contrast Color Range Filter

Part of a series

“All About Image Tonal & Color Contrast for Photographers”

 This filter, IMO, is one of CEP’s most useful

It accomplishes a valuable function and

Easily achieve results few other tools can

Try it early in your post processing

Use it often

8-3-2013 2-17-25 PM

Somesville, Maine

An iconic photo site

Done over & over by countless photographers

Before|After – Contrast Color Range filter

No other processing (other than RAW conversion)


The What – Color Efex Pro’s

Contrast Color Range filter


The Why – Many captured images look flat

Either due to low tonal contrast and/or

Low color contrast


The How – The Contrast Color Range filter

Is very effective at improving color contrasts

It is my most used of all the CEP filters

It’s the one I normally use first

I won’t show “how to slide this filter’s sliders”

I’ve already covered everything along that line

and much more in my posts

The Anatomy of a Post Processing Filter

Contrast Color Range Filter

What I will show is a number of screen shots

Each with an image before & after and

The filter with the settings that were used

These are not necessarily the best “afters”

I limited myself to about 15 seconds each

However, they are illustrative of what can be done


Click on any image for a full screen slide show


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