Color Efex Pro (CEP) – A 1-2 (filter) Punch

Summary –  The previous two posts illustrated the use of CEP’s two most useful filters – used one at a time. Today’s post shows the effect of the combined 1-2 punch. For images captured correctly in the camera, using these two together should be all of the post processing needed 99% of the time.

Previous CEP contrast filter posts

Contrast Color Range Filter

Tonal Contrast Filter


Almost every image requires contrast adjustments

Color contrast, Tonal contrast, or both 

The two CEP filters described previously

When used in combination

Will do all that’s needed almost every time

Do yourself & your images a favor

Spend some time learning how to use them


Mouse rollover – to bring the image to life

_DSC8560 pse11acr_DSC8560 pse11acr cep

As Easy as 1-2

You don’t even need “3”

If there’s too much “pop”, no problem

Dial it back to suit your taste using filter opacity sliders


Click to enlarge

8-5-2013 11-10-51 AM


These are the 1st two filters in my most used custom recipe

Here’s that recipe

Filters are in the order, top to bottom, in which

They are normally applied

As noted in the screen shot

Every filter’s settings are at their

Off or neutral value at the start

Click to enlarge to a readable size

8-5-2013 11-35-20 AM

Most of the recipe’s filters are not used on every image

They’re kept in the recipe for access convenience

Of course, other filters can be added

Shift-Click on a filter in the filter list

Read how here –

Making & Using CEP Recipes

A CEP Step-by-Step Recipe Usage Example


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3 thoughts on “Color Efex Pro (CEP) – A 1-2 (filter) Punch

  1. I’m new to the NIK-Google package of software used in conjunction with Adobe CS5, but so far, these tut’s from Ed Knepley have been absolutely the BEST I’ve seen from anything on the net. I’m re-visiting some of my previous “BEST” images that I was using for prints, and I’m applying filters from Color Effects PRO 4, and IMHO, I’m experiencing immediate positive results in my output! I can’t believe the differences I’m seeing..Keep it coming Ed!

    Eddie (PAHTSPIX)

    • Thanks for the “endorsement”.

      Although I agree with your “the BEST” assessment, I’m biased. Lots of others have communicated that same thought to Nik (pre-Google) but apparently NIH (not-invented-here) rules their thinking as far as endorsing something not made by Nik. Oh well 😉

      • Hi Ed..

        I totally understand where you’re coming from..I tried getting some tech support on this package from “Google” a couple of weeks ago, and never had a reply..

        I get the feeling that they really have no interest in advancing this software to any level higher than it’s current state..”orphaned” if you will..


        Eddie (pahtspix)

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