Color Efex Pro (CEP) – Detail Extractor Filter

Summary –  Tone and color contrast puts life into images. Today’s filter, Detail Extractor, is #3 on my CEP favorites list. The amount of hidden detail it can extract is amazing. This is part of a series on CEP filters that are designed for contrast adjustments.

The Detail Extractor Filter

Balances light & tonality and

Extracts image details

With the aid of contrast adjustments


Roll mouse over image to see
Detail Extractor Filter Results
Took about 30 seconds

_DSC9518-lr5acr_DSC9518-lr5acr cep

Grand Canyon
This image has lots of details
A good demo image for this filter
No adjustments except RAW conversion & the single filter
Overdone for illustration purposes


8-7-2013 8-05-34 AM

Detail Extractor:

Lightens shadows and darkens highlights

While exaggerating details

A respectable highlight/shadow recovery tool

With detail extraction “tossed in”


Controls overall contrast


Controls saturation

Effect Radius:

Fine option focuses on smaller objects

creating more texture

Large works on larger objects only

8-7-2013 8-17-33 AM


A gallery of the original image plus CEP’s four presets

Click on any image for a full screen slide show

This will allow you to read the filter settings


This is a good filter to use with a light touch

The presets are pretty heavy-handed

They’re starting points at best

Liberal use of control points to

Selectively include & exclude areas is advised


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