Pretty Picture

Summary – The readership drops further & further each day another color management piece is posted. Time for a break – just a pretty picture.


Cut a few Black-eyed Susan’s from my garden

Spent an hour practicing visual design

Floral photography is my favorite genre



Look At Me (at me, at me, at me….)

Very shallow DOF; repeat subject with blurred “echoes”

Basically as it came from the camera

8-13-2013 5-23-00 PM

1:1 macro lens with 1.4X teleconverter (not needed) plus

Circular polarizer (definitely needed – see below)




You need a circular polarizer more than you think

8-13-2013 5-37-27 PM


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6 thoughts on “Pretty Picture

  1. I’m enjoying the color management posts!! Keep them coming!! I really do enjoy ready your articles on a daily basis. Thanks so much!!

    • Bob, Thanks for the feedback. Quite a few more CM posts coming – probably the better ones in terms of actual usefulness (as opposed to the earlier background & theory topics). I hope they’re helpful to you (and the three others of us who are interested 😉 )

      • I am in the process of trying to find a source for online printing that will leave my images all alone when I ask. This is a much needed/appreciated topic for me. I use Lightroom with the Nik plugins not photoshop and most of the web searches describe a PS workflow. This nuts and bolts is just what I need. I guess I must be number 3?

        • A post next week will discuss the “how-to” for sending files out for print. It will discuss both how to prepare the files – including profiling related steps – as well as how to tell them not to do any adjustments, just print as is.

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