Gaining Mastery – of anything

Summary – A short weekend diversion. Are there things you’d like to master? How about photography? Music? Computers? If so, how should you go about it?


To learn – read

To understand – write

To master – teach


and add lots of practice along the way

Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000-hour Rule” is often quoted

(for whatever it actually means; a large grain of salt is suggested)


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Strange New Worlds

Macro shot of a stained glass window

Less than 1″ on the long side


I’ve followed the read, write, teach path several times

I won’t claim the path leads to true mastery, but

It does make the execution part solid for me

An early example was learning a new programming language

New to the world, not just to me

I read all that I could find (from the language’s author)

Decided to write a book (college text as it turned out)

A year later taught a university course

Teaching the course brought it all together

Now, I read art & photography related material daily and

Post a blog, also daily and

Teach the occasional course & present programs

Or – in the words of the great Hercule Poirot:

“For myself, I need to restore the little grey cells

Agatha Christie’s Poirot: The Kidnapped Prime Minister


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3 thoughts on “Gaining Mastery – of anything

  1. Ah, wait! Does this mean that you may want to master the Visual Design topic anytime soon? I found it one of the most interesting parts of your blog (since as an engineer I had the least clue of it) but unfortunately it stopped short. Might it come back one day?

  2. Yes, as part of a series (probably weekly) on abstract photography. First post is scheduled for this morning. Still have a handful of color management post scheduled for next week then I shift gears.

    • Lovely 🙂 Looking forward. But don’t cut your color management short either, pls…

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