Abstract Photography

Summary – I’m giving a program next March on abstract photography. While the program is taking shape over the next few months, expect to see lots of blog posts related to abstracts including Visual Design.


Several thoughts from my mentor, the local guru of abstracts

“There are two kinds of photography
Subject based and Design based
To my mind abstracts are design based”.
“There are two kinds of abstracts
Found or Created
The more difficult are found abstracts because
They require seeing
not just looking but seeing
The operative words are isolate, isolate, isolate”
“One must appreciate design in order to appreciate abstracts”



Strange New Worlds

Macro shot of a stained glass window

Brushing up on my abstract photography

(This image is among my wife’s least favorite images 😦 )

This is a found abstract; I did “isolate, isolate, isolate”
Less than 1″ on the long side

8-14-2013 9-48-15 AM


One of many reasons I like abstracts

There are very few subject-based images that show

Anything that we haven’t seen over & over

Abstracts, however, being design-based

are usually unique & visually different

Not the same old repetition of stereotypes

One measure of a good image is its “shelf-life”

Can you look at it over a long period of time, and

Continue to see new & interesting things


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2 thoughts on “Abstract Photography

  1. Where are you giving the program in abstract photography next March?


    • Your NVPS program co-chairs contacted Joe Miller for a recommended presenter for an abstract program – and I’m the result. See you in March.

      I’ve invited Joe to review my posts prior to putting them out to the world and he’s accepted. Helps keep me on the straight & narrow. πŸ˜‰

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