Pretty Pictures – A new slide show format

Summary – Trying to cater to a wide set of interests – mine included. Technical articles, like color management, appeal to very few. Image “how-to” posts have the largest readership (usually). Pretty pictures without a lot of sermonizing  – interest depends on the subject matter I guess. Like it or not – here’s a series of pictures to test the new WordPress slide show option.


Black-eyed Susan’s from my garden again

Spent an hour practicing visual design – again

Floral photography is my favorite genre – still




This is a new blog presentation feature (think slide show)

Viewing (place mouse inside box below to see controls)

Presentations can be navigated either using the onscreen arrows, or by using keyboard arrow keys. Tab or space will also navigate the slide show forward.

Full-screen mode is toggled using the icon on the lower right. Hitting ESC on the keyboard will also exit full-screen.

This slideshow could not be started. Try refreshing the page or viewing it in another browser.


I can see some advantages to this form of slide show

Lends itself to step-by-step tutorials

Will probably come back to it soon – where appropriate

Let me know what you think


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4 thoughts on “Pretty Pictures – A new slide show format

    • Thanks for the feedback. I don’t use IE (as a rule). I alternate between Firefox & Chrome depending on which pleased (or disappointed) most recently. Change every few months or so and color management has me about ready to change back to Firefox.

      Just viewed this post on three PC’s running IE 10 – two with Win 8 & one Win 7. All showed the images properly.

      I’ll do a quick check at the WordPress site and see if others had the problem you experienced. No clue based on what I see with these 3 PC’s.

  1. Enjoy your technical articles and look forward to them. Use of the slide show for tutorials and for your technical articles is a good idea. It may have to do with giving the viewer control of the presentation?

    • Thanks for your thoughts.

      My reservation has to do with this slide show vs. presenting the same info linearly down the page. For my style of learning, I think the linear approach is better because it’s easier to skip around (other than forward/backward one slide at a time). It’s the same reason why I rarely look at videos much longer than 1-2 minutes (& don’t use them in my blog for the same reason).

      IMO it comes down to one word you used – “control”.

      All that said, there’s room for all of those approaches and no one approach will suit all readers or all topics.

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