Abstract Photography Ideas & Inspirations

Summary – A follow-on to Monday’s abstract photography introduction. Before exploring the details of making abstract photographs (in future posts), here are the Special Merit Award Winners from an exhibit – to provide you with both ideas & inspiration.

“Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant, there is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks.”  Johann Gottfried Von Herder

Each & every image is copyrighted!!

Artist’s name & copyright is at the bottom of each image

Images from the  Joseph Miller Abstract Photography Exhibit

If you’re going to steal – go to the above exhibit site for originals 😦


Artists of these images:

See my note to you at the end of the post


Click on any image to open a full screen slide show


Beautiful images, every one

All are design-based (as they should be) –

No immediately recognizable subject

A wide range of styles

At least two are digital art IMO (as in – not seen in any viewfinder)

Is there a style that appeals more to you than others?

An image that really “sings to you”? Let me know which.

Get any ideas? Inspirations?


This Abstract Photography series

Will continue next week

A post every week or so on the

What’s, how’s & why’s


To the artists:
I asked Joe for permission to use images from the NVACC website. He replied –

You are welcome to use whatever images you want from the NVACC website except those by entrants in the Abstract exhibits since I don’t have approval from them to use their images other than on the NVACC website.

Thus, the blame for this usage is mine alone. For that I ask your forgiveness as well as your permission (belatedly). Asking personally, except for the few of you who I know personally & could email, was impractical – and still left me with over 1/2 without explicit permission since I had no contact info. 😦

I assumed that since “we’re all in this together” – i.e., support  for “Abstract Joe” and his exhibit, that you’d extend the same permission given to him to this blog series. The series is a direct result of Joe recommending me to do an Abstract Photography program at NVPS in a few months. He’s a behind-the-scenes “editor” for these posts, as well. I plan to “plug” his 4th annual exhibit periodically – starting today –  and see if, based on blog readership in over 100 countries, I can generate enough interest to make the participation in the Joe’s “4th Annual” truly international.

Again – blame me, not Joe.

If you are one of the artists & would like your image removed
Please let me know & it will be removed immediately
Otherwise – congratulations on your winner & thanks for its use


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    • Those three would be toward the top of my list, too – plus Punch.

      To my eye, what they share in common (as compared to others) are warm colors and simplicity of style & design.

  1. I swear, I chose my favorites first and afterwards scrolled down here — just to find the exactly same mentioned by you guys already…

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