Softly with Feeling

Summary – Sorry, but I’m just a sucker for soft selective focus images.

Just a set of images made this morning

Of the latest dahlia from the garden

 Nothing special, just a subject & style that

I get personal enjoyment from

Hopefully, you do also


Click any image for a full screen slide show

Simple color and contrast adjusts in Adobe Camera RAW

Made to the first image (in the bottle)

These were then copied & pasted to the rest

Good is good enough

One hour with my camera and subject

Ten minutes with the computer

That’s the way it’s supposed to be 😉


This week’s 1st post (on Sunday) wasn’t supposed to happen

Not that it wasn’t written; it had been for several days

I decided the previous day to take a break for a month or two

After a post every day since 1/1/12 (over 600 in a row)

I needed time to recharge

My wife convinced me that it might be a mistake

My compromise with myself is –

More posts like today’s that take less effort and

Involve time with my camera – not my keyboard

I’ll still do my “usual”, just not everyday; we’ll see

If I drop off the radar….


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3 thoughts on “Softly with Feeling

  1. Soft, selective focus images are worth being a sucker for. I like your approach of reducing the computer part of photography. I might not even be able to produce something decent enough to even call an image without PS, meaning that I’d probably do well to incorporate some of that mindset.

    • Thanks, Kenneth.

      The problem for me with “unbounded” post-processing is that it’s a bottomless pit. If I don’t set limits for myself – like less than 5 minutes on a given image or even better, less than 2 – I could just keep fiddling-away forever. Finding that point of diminishing returns is my problem.

      However – when getting an image ready for printing, that’s a different story. Fortunately they’re the minority.

      • Being a beginner, I have a slightly different problem. Not only do I take my sweet time for each image, but I also tend to overdo things. It’s even worse when I revisit images, only because I think I’ve upped my processing skills and want to draw everything out.
        As you say, finding a good point to stop is sort of crucial.

        I have virtually no experience printing, but recently made the discovering of a seemingly good printing service, so I’ll give that a try as soon as I’ve made an image I consider worth printing.

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