So You Don’t Use RAW? Can You Do This?

Summary – Many folks don’t use RAW for a variety of reasons – some good, some bad and some, worst of all, for no particular reason. Here’s an example of recovery from a +3 EV over-exposure. The same image, not shot in RAW, would have been a loss.


My D800E occasionally, for no reason I can determine,

will severely over-expose an image

I “usually” check exposures after the capture, but

It’s nice to know that RAW can save the day if needed

Even with a waayyy-off exposure


Before (+3 EV)

Roll mouse over for the After RAW conversion


I like High Key as much as the next person, but….


[Update: The overexposure problem is caused by my heavily used 9-year-old macro lens and not the D800E – “a sticky aperture”. When the problem happens only with one lens and happens regardless of the camera it’s mounted on – that’s a pretty strong clue. Time for a rehab.  😉 ]


The Before was shot (intentionally) at +3 EV

The After is the result of RAW to JPEG conversion in LR5

Nothing more than

Reducing exposure by almost 2 stops

Fine tuning with the Highlight & White sliders


Just to complete the story,

Here’s a comparison of the above “After” with

The correctly exposed image per the camera (0 EV)


Roll mouse for the 0 EV version

No adjustments at all to the 0 EV

Could be made to look closer to the “after” if desired



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