How did you make that Infrared Image?

Summary – Infrared is one of my favorite photographic styles. Strangely (to me) there are those who dislike the look of IR. I encountered a judge (back when I competed) who threw my image out (with apologies) solely because she “hated” IR.

This is the last image I made

During a visit to Shenandoah NP the other day

 It was a type of day I normally wouldn’t choose – lots of sun

The good news is, it was a great day for infrared

Shot almost nothing else


D300_130905_124001__DSC4230 04

Big Meadows, Shenandoah NP


Click to enlarge

9-6-2013 11-23-53 AM

1. Captured in my IR-converted D300

2. SEP default removes the slight color cast from step 1

3. A SEP custom preset I created for D300 IR image processing

4. A custom CEP recipe I made to add an “IR-film look”

Basically adds a “glow” and a bit of noise

Could easily do without this (or calm it down a bit)

There you have it

With my custom presets & recipes,

Well under 5 minutes


An IR Sampling from My Day in the Park

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