Free Photo Software Programs

Summary – Free photo software: 1. Pixlr – a Photoshop-like program, 2. RawDigger – a RAW image analyzer


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Is a “Rose-by-any-other-name”

Really still a Rose?

Apologies to The Bard of Avon

I guess so since this didn’t qualify as an abstract

It’s readily recognizable


1. Pixlr makes online, mobile and desktop imaging tools

There are  three applications –

Pixlr EditorPixlr Express and Pixlr-o-matic

Editor provides basic PS functionality including layers

I’d call it Elements Lite

I haven’t looked at the 2nd two


2. RawDigger is a program intended for

Viewing, studying, and analyzing raw files

 RawDigger allows the user to:

 – View the real (that is, prior to any processing) pixel values in the raw file

– Plot and save raw data histograms per channel for both the entire file as well as an arbitrary rectangular area of the file (selection). The histograms can be saved as graphics or as a table providing for convenience of further external processing

– Calculate the statistics per channel (minimum, maximum, average, root-mean-square deviation) for the entire file

– Calculate the statistics per channel and save the results in a processing-friendly form – CSV, CGATS (for an arbitrary number of rectangular areas of the file)

– Save the compression (tone) curves of raw files in a tabulated form (for cameras and raw data formats where such curves are used).

For those of us with a technical bent 😉

The name says it all


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2 thoughts on “Free Photo Software Programs

  1. I’m mostly resisiting commercial OSs, so I can’t really speak about their performance there, but I hear they are also very usable on Win and possibly OS X. A such they might deserve a mention, eventually:
    – The Gimp
    – Raw Therapee
    – Darktable
    – Digikam

    With these, you have IMHO 95% of Adobe’s offering covered; for free.

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