Visual Design’s Primary Elements

Summary – This post puts a face on Visual Design’s four primary elements.  All four elements are clearly represented in a single image below. Recall this image and you’ll easily recall the elements.

Before launching into the subject of lines

In the next post

(and then shapes & all the rest of it)

Here’s an image designed to put a face on

All four of Visual Design’s primary elements



0019-14-2013 11-49-47 AMblog

Lines, shapes, texture & perspective

All rolled into a single image

A fauxtography faux-to by moi

No photos were used nor harmed in making this faux-to 😉


About the fauxtography  image

I decided to use artistic license and not photography

To illustrate many of the concepts of visual design

Hopefully, points can be made

More simply & more clearly

I’m creating a library of home-made PNG formatted clip art

PNG allows for transparency

Transparency, in turn, allows

A composite image to be built out of parts

(said parts can be sized & shaped to fit)

I’ll be doing most of the visual design tutorials

using this approach

9-14-2013 2-46-40 PM


From another point of view

Here are  the four elements again


Click for a more readable size

9-14-2013 4-13-06 PM

Next post – points & lines in detail


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