Nik Software – The Latest :-(

Summary – This week marks the first anniversary of Google’s acquisition of Nik Software. So – after a year, what’s new? And – how do you find out if you’re running the latest versions?



Woodland Reflections

At the edge of a stream

A Snapseed imitation of Instagram, square crop and all

This is what Google+ wanted

The ability to compete with Facebook/Instagram

“Real” photographers hope there’s more, but

The concerns of a year ago seem to be coming true 😦

The Nik Collection is withering away with no updates after a year


So – what’s new with the Nik Software

After one full year of Google ownership?

NOTHING in terms of functions & features nor bug fixes

Each of the six Nik plug-ins are essentially identical

To what they were in the summer of 2012

Eons in computer time

There have been changes but not to the software proper –

1. The six plug-ins have been repackaged into

A single collection (individual plug-ins no longer sold)

Installed all at once vice 6 separate times

Re-branded as the Google Nik Collection

Automatic updates (out of the user’s control)

There has been only one update

That was mainly to test the update feature 😦

2. The price was dropped significantly


The above all took place about 6 months AG (after-Google)

Since then nothing! (as far as the original Nik Software)

NOTE – the current software, for all intents & purposes,

Has NOT CHANGED in over a year

Irrespective of 1 & 2 above

It’s still great software, but the trend is troubling

Competitors continue to improve their offerings

If Google/Nik doesn’t then eventually

The Nik Collection will be obsolete


 The concern when Google acquired Nik was

Their sole purpose was to improve Google+’s photo presence

Driven by Facebook’s Instagram purchase/challenge

In spite of Google’s comments to the contrary

The past 12 months seem to support the concerns

Further evidence is Google’s recent announcements for

Google+ photo editing tools

It’s basically Nik’s Snapseed in a cloud

This is what the acquisition was really about

This is where the engineering resources have gone

NOT to the original desktop software

That brought the rest of us to Nik back in the day

The timing of “Snapseed in a cloud” was ironic

Coming on the 1st anniversary of Google-Nik

A coincidence?

I see no end in sight; fine if you’re a Google+ fan

Over the next several months I plan to look at

Nik Collection alternatives – just in case

Topaz & OnOne come to mind. Anything else?



There’s more to photography than social media

Are you going to help the rest of us?

Or – should we make plans to move on


I’m not ready to abandon ship anytime soon, but

It’s prudent to know where the lifeboats are located 😉


Are you running the latest versions of the plug-ins?

Each plug-in of the collection has its own version number

That never changed when they were repackaged by Google

To check version numbers –

Open a plug-in & click the Nik Collection logo at  upper right

A window will open showing that plug-in’s version number

Here are the current versions –

  1. Color Efex Pro 4.2
  2. Dfine 2.2
  3. HDR Efex Pro 2.1
  4. Silver Efex Pro 2.1
  5. Sharpener Pro 3.1
  6. Viveza 2.1


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16 thoughts on “Nik Software – The Latest :-(

  1. Thanks for posting this. In addition to this concern, I sometimes worry about Lightroom’s future as a stand-alone.

    • Agree. Who knows where Adobe & the rest will go next. One hand isn’t enough to count the good products of yore that are no more. Google, Corel & a few others are famous for buying something for some small piece of the whole and throwing the rest away.

  2. Thanks you ..
    Also, it is difficult to contact Google/Nik. I replaced a laptop and my Nik could not activate. I’ve been unable to get any help from them. I’ve given up!

    • I’m surprised that you weren’t able to get help. Let me know how you attempted to contact them and I’ll try to identify the contact problem through my channels. Even though the software hasn’t been updated, it’s still among the best out there and not worth giving up on if you’ve bought it.

  3. Thanks for your offer to help. I went to their web-site’s contact module, but here was no phone number, so I sent them 2 emails, a few days apart .. no response. I’ll try leaving my phone number this time.
    Thanks again.

  4. Thanks.. I did that, twice. They said they have successfully connected the call but I don’t get any calls. Seems like a waste of time! I’m using Topaz and they’re just as good.

    • I just now sent an email to the product manage with a screen shot of our above comments. I’ll be curious what he has to say. Noting your switch to Topaz (and remarking that it’s just as good) might get his attention.

  5. Ed, I don’t know if it’s your intervention or my rude last email – they sent me a download link and explained that the activation procedure has changed (no more product key). I now have the bundle as well, which costs less than the $170 I paid for CEP4.

    Anyway, I greatly appreciate your personal attention .. henceforth, I will be visiting your site with fresh and more admiring eyes!! Cheers, Mun

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