More Dahlia Dallying

Summary – It’s the weekend & photo time again. End of the season dahlia-wise; enough left for one more set after this one. My soft & lovely series.

This has been a popular series



Think Monet

Shot wide-open, 1:1 macro + 1.4 X TC, tripod, remote release

As captured, 1 minute of post-processing for tonal adjustments


My cast of characters

9-11-2013 7-23-58 AM

Today’s post features #2

Click any image for a full screen slide show


Simple color and contrast adjusts in Adobe Camera RAW

Minimal post-processing

2-3 minutes with one of the images, then

Copy & paste those settings to the rest

No cropping

As composed in the camera viewfinder

This is what tripods are really made for

You do use a tripod, don’t you 😉

One hour with the camera

Five minutes with the computer


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