Lightroom 5.2’s Interactive Histogram – Huh??

Summary – Adobe continues to add new features to Lightroom. One such feature, added in 5.2, is an interactive histogram. What’s an interactive histogram?


The interactive histogram  is

A new way to perform an old task

It’s a way to change exposure & tonal levels

Directly by clicking & dragging on the histogram

Rather than adjusting numeric sliders

The end result is the same


Wetlands in Early Autumn

Lightroom 5 post-process; I’m getting the hang of it


The interactive histogram

Provides the ability to click and drag on the Histogram to adjust

Blacks, shadows, exposure, highlights, and whites sliders

For example,

Click & drag in the shadows area of the histogram and

You’ll see the shadows slider move accordingly

Note that this doesn’t provide a new function

Just an alternative for performing one that was already there

Tonal slider adjustment

Neither old nor new is better

You’ll probably use both


Click to enlarge to a readable size


This new feature, as shown above,

Duplicates functionality of Develop Module’s Basic panel

There’s a third way to adjust tonal levels within “regions”

The Develop Module’s Tone Curve panel

Has four regions (vice the five in the histogram)

Shadows, darks, lights, highlights

This latter isn’t new to LR; just pointing it out


I’ve used LR more in the past two weeks

Than the past two years

99% is using the Develop module

This will be a continuing trend

With a few tweaks

Basic layer functionality

A more transparent way to use plug-ins

it wouldn’t be half-bad 😉


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2 thoughts on “Lightroom 5.2’s Interactive Histogram – Huh??

  1. Nice write-up but the interactive histogram isn’t new in 5.2, I’ve been using it for ages in LR4.

    • Interesting. The recent LR 5.2 release notes mentioned it for the new ACR release & I assumed that extended to LR as well since ACR is part & parcel of the LR Develop modle. When I looked at Kelby’s LR 5 book and Bramptons LR 5 the Unanswered FAQ to see what it did, I found no mention of an intereactive histogram (searchable ebook versions of both books) and decided to document it.

      You should have told the authors about it. 😉

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