“Wish you were here” – Postcard from Maine #6

Summary – Early morning for sunrise and feeding the mosquitoes on the wharf at Bass Harbor while watching the lobster boats head out to sea for the day.


Roll mouse over postcard to see the picture

10-3-2013 9-32-41 AM001D800E-_131003_065017__DSC9951_orig_HDR nikblog

Feeding Mosquitoes at Sunrise


Below – single exposure, hand-held

Highlight/Shadow recovery in LR5

The D800E’s dynamic range is amazing

Roll Mouse over for the captured version


Ye olde blog editor’s “vacation office”

A view to end all views

Get back to work, Ed; stop staring out the window 😉

This is why Acadia NP’s closure isn’t too troublesome

That, plus the fact I’ve been here the past four years

But Washington’s BS – that’s another story

You folks in Canada have room for two more? Seriously.


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4 thoughts on ““Wish you were here” – Postcard from Maine #6

  1. The problem with the shutdown is it might cause some tourists to explore the rest of the island. Beware of people in Sperry topsiders rather than hip waders.
    I’m impressed by the dynamic range of the photo from your office. Wow! And a HDR from the Master…. I guess you are really on vacation!
    We are hanging out in the Columbia Gorge. celebrating Pam’s birthday and fall color. We have driven through here many times but never really stopped to explore. Many big panoramas. We will be back in the Spring when everything is green.

    • Lee, Thanks for the note.

      The quiet side of the island is just that – quiet. I spent the morning exploring between Southwest Harbor & Bass Harbor Head light. Lots of park land in that area – all with “Closed” across the trails. Ship Harbor trail was nice (and the parking area was full – and the closed sign was moved off to the side 😉 )

      Have you given any more thought to the new Olympus? I had my eye on it, too. Carried my D800E with a wrist strap while hiking today. Even though its weight & size is bigger than the Oly I wanted to do some fall multiple exposures which would still have had me carrying the Nikon rather than the Oly in spite of the size disadvantage. The Oly still is on my “wish-list”.

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