“Wish you were here” – Postcard from Maine #12

Summary – Started off early AM doing multiple exposures of a clump birch that has a colorful maple branch nearby. Later visited a small pond  to do some reflections.


Roll mouse over postcard to see the picture

All uncropped captures with minor tonal & color contrast adjustments

I mentioned uncropped, because IMO that’s how you learn visual design

Not a sloppy framing cleaned up later by cropping out the junk

10-10-2013 7-18-15 PM006D800E-_131010_125527__DSC0649_orig-6blog


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2 thoughts on ““Wish you were here” – Postcard from Maine #12

    • Thanks, Sarah. It’s the right place for me & my Myers-Briggs off-the-scall “I”. Don’t know if I’d have survived NYC with the HHPC gang.

      Bass Harbor? NYC? Talk about opposite ends of a spectrum. 😉

      Tell Alan his bridge photo isn’t level 😉

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