“Wish you were here” – Postcard from Maine #13

Summary – The vacation rental faces west on to Bass Harbor. Sunsets to date have been nice, but none spectacular. But I’m a sucker for sunset clichés regardless.


Roll mouse over postcard to see the picturek

10-11-2013 7-04-14 AM002D800E-_131009_183036__DSC0544_orig-2blog


I wrote the above summary yesterday morning

Noted that the sunrises had been ordinary

Wouldn’t you know that tonight was the

Sunrise to end all sunrises

My wife observed – “Almost unreal”

I was going to put tonight’s at the end of this post

Nah! They deserve to be seen alone

Tune in tomorrow for postcard #14


Click on any image for a full screen slide show

Most have matching horizontal & vertical pairs

As usual – As seen in viewfinder

With minor tonal and color contrast adjustments


This next one (last that I took) was taken at sunset + 35 minutes

Harbor Lights in the village of Bernard across the harbor

It includes the moon & Venus, the “evening star”

In this reduced size image, Venus is a bit hard to see

Near right side; 40% down from top

Taken while walking the dog in the yard

D800E + 24-70 2.8 lens = a little over 4 pounds

Handheld (while holding the dog’s leash 😉 )

I was amazed the image worked – luck

No vibration reduction & shutter speed was

about 4x slower than it should have been


Just as I mentioned “Twilight Time” by the Platters, 1958

For the sunset images

The song that goes with this image is

“Harbor Lights” (also Platters, 1960)

Memorable since I was commissioned in the Navy in ’60

Saw lots of harbor lights over the next five years

usually while humming this song  😉

Trivia – both songs were written & recorded by others

Several years before the Platters’ hit versions


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2 thoughts on ““Wish you were here” – Postcard from Maine #13

  1. That last one did rise by eyebrow! Wondering whether it still looks that lucky (or skillful, yes) when viewed in full resolution…

    • I’ll find out soon enough. Plan to do some 24 x 16 prints using 25 x 17 paper (largest my printer will do) when I get home. I think that at normal viewing distances (not inches away with a loupe like some judges) it will look OK. If not, I’ll hang it where the light is dim. 😉

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