Rm w/a Vu – A Maine Epilogue

Summary – When we vacation, the dwelling where we stay is as important as the location. On the just completed two weeks in Bass Harbor, Maine we hit the jackpot with our rental. Here are some exceptional rooms with views.

Our rental had beautiful views, both inside & out

I had shared some in the picture postcard series

Here is a more complete set


The view from the living room

The bank at the edge of Bass Harbor is

Where every sunset image was made



And this is the living room

Excuse the photo gear clutter πŸ˜‰

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The living room (& every other room) also had beauty inside the walls

This is a view of just one of numerous pieces of art inside the house

(And a wood burning stove in the lower right corner)



And this next room with a view is the kitchen

The scene in that window could pass for a painting



And right behind me when making the above image

Was the “office” I had shown in a previous post



Standing between the kitchen & office – we see the DR & LR & “backyard”

Pretend you don’t notice my wife; she didn’t want her photo taken



Upstairs had a sun room off the bedroom –


With a telescope


And a bathroom shower with a sensational view

(I didn’t try the tub)


From the bed, I could see the harbor lights across the way at night

And – looking straight up through a sky light, the night sky

I had forgotten how beautiful the night sky can really be

The milky way still exists if you escape urban light pollution


Here’s a partial view of the house (the sun room)

It was a couple of hundred yards off the road

No houses in sight

Lovely yard and garden

Quiet & peaceful



You could make beautiful images by the hundreds

Without ever leaving this property

Every sunset was taken from here (among other things)

Near the top of the list for a return visit


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