Google’s Nik Collection – File Locations Update

Summary – If you need to locate the numerous files installed with Google’s Nik Collection, here’s where to find them.  Trust me – one day you’ll need this info. Updated from an earlier post.


Courtesy of Google

Click to enlarge to a readable size

10-19-2013 7-44-40 AM

File this away; One day you’ll need it

I know that I did last week 😦


This revised version from Google clarifies issues

I encountered when attempting to correct a problem

My problem was that all of my Nik Collection

Favorites, presets & recipes disappeared

During a re-install of the Nik Collection

This problem is not solvable


Assuming that you do system back ups

A simple restore gets your missing data back

The Question – Which files to restore?

The Answer – The above table “tells all

Interestingly, the standard Windows System Restore

Based on a restore point from just hours

Before the problem occurred (caused by me)

Did not restore these files

Win Restore doesn’t “touch” documents

Did these files fall into the document category?

Don’t know, but was disappointed when it didn’t work


I’ve often mentioned that this blog serves as a personal

Notebook for future reference to material

That’s important to me but that I’m apt to forget

This is a prime example

Once it’s recorded, the site’s Search feature (right column)

Will save my ailing memory (& my butt)

Hopefully others are helped, too

But, that’s not the primary reason for most of what I post

That said, I’m happy to do posts based on

Reader’s questions 😉


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