Painterly Images – Made In-Camera or Otherwise

Summary – A recent post discussed post-processing to create faux-vintage photos. Yesterday’s post discussed creating painterly images straight from the camera. To round things out, here’s a comparison of painterly images made in the camera versus a “painting-post-processing-program’s” rendition of the same image.


I’m a fan of arty looking images

Made in the camera

Although there are lots of programs for doing “arty”

I enjoy the challenge of doing it myself in-camera

Most often via multiple exposures or camera motion


For comparison, here’s the image straight from the camera



Here’s a multiple exposure (also straight from the camera)

Roll mouse over for 1-of-many possible faux-paintings

Faux was made using the above straight image as a start 



Here (in order) are the straight, the multiple, and 4 faux-paintings


I’ll have more to say about arty post-processing programs

I was surprised that the new (to me) one I used today

Seems to have some great “similarities” to

Another program with which I’m familiar

Makes me wonder about the program’s family tree

More to follow


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4 thoughts on “Painterly Images – Made In-Camera or Otherwise

  1. Nice comparison! I think I prefer the faux to the in-camera multiple images (or am I just lazy). I personally don’t like the “jittery” look of the in-camera effect from multiple images. On very vertical images I’ve also used vertical blur in Photoshop. In my most popular one I masked out a small evergreen and only vertically blurred the aspens.

  2. I too like the faux effect better than the multiple images. Good thing since my Cannon will not take multiple images. I’m waiting with baited breath to hear what faux processing you used.

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