Photo Painting – Addictive (but no longer photos)

Summary – Readers seem to like the photo-painting posts (well – 85% of readers anyway). Here are a few more examples. Next week I’ll the discuss a few of the specific programs & techniques.


These are easy posts to write

I need easy for a while

Today – one image

Done in several “painting styles”

Using four different programs


Image from the camera

Roll mouse over for a “painting” of the same image



Here are the above two images plus

4 other versions; none great but they’re examples

Fun to play with, but I prefer photos


Click on any image to open a slide show


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4 thoughts on “Photo Painting – Addictive (but no longer photos)

  1. No longer photographs? What are they? Where exactly do you draw the line in post processing that makes it “no longer photos”? In galleries in our community no matter what you did with it if it started as a photograph or multiple photographs, it is a photograph. If you add something else, it becomes mixed media.

    • You are absolutely right – defining when a photo becomes something else is nearly impossible. Purists (my mentor for example) try to dodge that bullet by stating that ANY alteration is “evil” – which is of course absurd. Just as absurd as (IMO) me entering my “painting” in a club’s “straight image” category (as opposed to “mixed media”). You’ll have to ask a purist what they become – lost souls? 😉

      Everyone has an opinion. Your galleries have one, my mentor has one quite the opposite (until it comes to abstracts), I’m somewhere in between depending on the venue & its “rules”. I believe every venue has the right to their own rules whether other’s agree with them or not. If we start believing that it’s our way or the highway, we should consider running for office and join the rest of the nuts who feel that way in the US Congress – from BOTH sides.

      Read the intro to today’s post (10/28/13) for an explanation of my position.

  2. I do quite like the 005_dsc7414_orig_painteressblog image. It has a bit of a Vincent Van Gogh “The Church at Auvers” look about it.

    • These programs attempt to imitate styles of lots of painters. True especially of a program, DAP, coming up in a few days. In fact, Van Gogh seems to be a common element in all of them – must be his distinctive style(s).

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