Photo Painting – A trip to the dark side ;-)

Summary – Some purists argue that any photo manipulation, no matter how slight, changes a photo into something else (non-photo). Imagine their reaction to a “photo-painting”.


First – an explanation of my position on manipulation

If it suits you, the reader, whatever it is then go for it

Follow all competition & exhibit rules, however

When I write about what I do (& don’t)

It’s just that – what I do personally

Not a judgement on what’s right or wrong for others

In spite of how I may sound 😉


Image from the camera

Roll mouse over for a “watercolor” of the same image

_DSC2631_nc4_pwp-va_resize _DSC2631_wet-in-wet


About Photo Auto-Painting Programs

Disclaimer – I am no expert, far from it

I place these programs into two categories

1. Auto-paint stroke by stroke right before your eyes

2. A painting appears instantly (no animated strokes)

Of course there’s also

Free & not

Good & not so good

Easy & complicated

Manual intervention vs total auto-pilot

Type #1 are fun to watch – that’s the good news

But – they can take several minutes

Depends on the program & the image (size especially)

And – you don’t know if the result satisfies until it’s done

Can waste lots of time


The lead image was made with a

Stroke by stroke program – Corel Painter Essentials

$60 (60 day free trial – fully featured) Win/Mac

A stand-alone program (not a plug-in)

Good results

Fairly easy to use (in auto-mode)

Lots of powerful manual intervention options

This program would be on my short list


Here’s a 38-second video of the painting being created

and a 10-second video illustrating

just one (of a zillion) manual options

I’m restoring some detail in the wall & flowers


Different strokes for different folks….

Painter Essentials examples (starting with photo)

Click for slide show


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