Photo Painting – Instant “Art” Simplified

Summary – Long ago, in computer years (2001) a photo art technique called Simplify attracted a following. Four years later the company, Fo2Pix, was bankrupt – but the Simplify-style lives on.


2001 – Segmentis  introduced buZZ Pro

buZZ created “photo-art” using a method called Simplify

2003 – Segmentis  became Fo2Pix

2007 – Fo2Pix was bankrupt (off the radar with no warning)

buZZ Pro was no longer available

Go to end of post for a free download 😉

2008-9 Enter Topaz’s Simplify

It produces buZZ-like results (and more)

With a simplified Simplify interface


Image from the camera

Roll mouse over for an example of the Simplify-style




About Photo Auto-Painting Programs

Disclaimer – I am no expert, far from it

I place these programs into two categories

1. Auto-paint stroke by stroke right before your eyes

2. A painting appears instantly (no animated strokes)

Of course there’s also

Free & not

Good & not so good

Easy & complicated

Manual intervention vs total auto-pilot

Type #1 are fun to watch – that’s the good news

But – they can take several minutes

Depends on the program & the image (size especially)

And – you don’t know if the result satisfies until it’s done

Can waste lots of time


The lead image was made with a

Instant (type #2) painting program – Topaz Simplify 4

$40 (30 day free trial – fully featured) Win/Mac

A standard plug-in (PS. PSE, LR, Aperture)

Good results

Hard to disguise the underlying simplify style

Nevertheless, a style favored by many

Fairly easy to use

This program would be on my short list


Different strokes for different folks….

Topaz Simplify examples (starting with photo)

Click for slide show


You can download BuzzPro 3 here (free)

It comes with a user’s guide

It is a plug-in for PS (and a few others)

It is PC only

Here’s an article, circa 2001, that discusses buZZ

And has examples of its use

Remember, this program is about 10 years old

The results can be interesting, but

The interface leaves a bit to be desired

Read the user’s guide to see

The recommended use involving

Layer blending in PS


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