Photo Painting – Saved the Best Program for Last

Summary – Best? Obviously a subjective judgement lest you disagree. Photo painting is something I rarely do so my qualifications to judge are minimal. Have I looked at every program? Not even close. This post simply describes the program I’d be apt to use the next time I want to paint a photo – probably in a few years. Why did I do this series? Beats me; just curious.


My choice, if I had to pick just one photo-painting program?


It can create paintings, drawings & cartoons

It is simple yet powerful (watch the video tutorials first)

It is free!

PC only (but you Mac-folks know how to get around that)


Image from the camera

Roll mouse over for a FotoSketcher example


w2_DSC4998_nx oil 6


Different strokes for different folks….

Mixture of oil, watercolor, pastel, pencil, cartoon….

FotoSketcher examples – Photo followed by “art”

Click for slide show


A short series summary –

Photo-art isn’t my cup of tea

The series was born of curiosity

After FotoSketcher, my 2nd choice is Painter Essentials

Flexible and powerful – with a painting emphasis

My 3rd choice would be Topaz’s Simplify

It does what I’d call digital-art

More so than painting

But its buZZ driven style

Does create interesting “art”

buZZ images usually get “like’s”


Previous posts ins this series

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7 thoughts on “Photo Painting – Saved the Best Program for Last

  1. PC only (but you Mac-folks know how to get around that)

    Sorry, but I use an iMac and don’t know how to get PC to open in a Mac

    • Sorry. I’m not a Mac-person and thought that “they” all were aware of methods for running windows software on Macs – especially since the methods have been around for years.

      Googling will give you everything you need to know. Here’s one article that appears to be fairly comprehensive and it’s up to date (May of this year) so it should fit your current situation.,2817,2344661,00.asp

  2. So the series about letting an algorithm guide a brush is finished now? There was some really nice source material among those posts though, I must say…

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